What t-shirt size should i get ?

All our unisex T-shirts are essentially a box fit that works great for both men and women. They naturally fit looser on women and normal on men.

How to care for your t-shirts the right way ?

We are passionate about our clothing and its impact on our environment. More than half of our environmental impact regarding a garment comes from how we care for it. Follow these simple steps to ace your garment care (for our t-shirts and also otherwise) and make them last longer.

1) Wash cold: We strongly encourage you to wash at a cooler temperature (no more than 30″C) to preserve the colours of your favourite tee. You can also conserve upto 60% electricity just by washing cold!

2) Wash inside out : Turning your garment inside out prior to washing minimises fading and damaging the print. Too much friction against each other, make clothes loose colour.

3) Wash by Hand, Whenever Possible : Washing by hand makes your garments last way longer as it helps them retain shape and helps you conserve a ton of energy.

4) Spot Clean: Spilled your breakfast on a t-shirt you JUST put on ? Use a stain remover to treat spots (over washing the whole t-shirt,again) try to stay away from bleach and other strong detergent products all together. 

5) Air Dry: Your t-shirt will thank you for it, as will the environment. High heat is probably the worst enemy of printed apparel (and most clothes).Technically, you can tumble dry but shouldn't. High heat actually shrinks natural fibers, like cotton. The best practice is to let it dry flat (hang it out if laying them down flat isn't possible) . While drying, keep them out of direct sunlight and turned inside out.

6) Do not iron on print: Well duhh..And if you really, really, really, really must, then iron inside-out on the lowest possible setting, or place a tea towel over the image to protect it from smudging.

Are your t-shirts Sustainable?

**HA HA HA YES ! ** All of our t-shirts are super sustainable. They're like a tiny bit more than sustainable, they're actually good for the environment. Every t-shirt we produce, helps takes out more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than what it emits. We'll actually need a whole page to explain all our efforts in proper detail, check it out here.

Do you have t-shirts for men?

Yes! Although a lot of our pictures are mostly on women models, all our tees are actually unisex. Unisex t-shirt sizing is the same as regular men’s sizing, so go with your regular size.

P.S. We need more pictures of men repping a Kinder World so please tag us or send us your pics!

Are your t-shirts ethically-made?

You bet! All of our t-shirts are ethically-made in 100% sweatshop-free factories! Our Workers are paid a living wage to ensure a healthy wellbeing.

Do you use vegan inks to print on your t-shirts?

Totally! Not only are the inks we use free of any animal by-products, but they are also non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. (bonus: it doesn’t crack!) 

Are your printing methods eco friendly ?

Causalitee operates in a sustainable, responsible manner. We only use water based inks with no heavy metals. A zero-waste-water discharge and the low carbon footprint, making our methods meet the highest sustainability standards. learn more about our printing method and materials here.

When will my order arrive ?

All causalitee products are custom made/ processed just for you right when you order. Because of this, processing time is typically 5 - 7 business days. Keep in mind, processing time may vary depending on sales and promotions and festivities. If you received a shipping confirmation email, your order has shipped. Hoorah!

What is your return policy ?

We do not accept returns or cancellations for our t-shirts. However, we allow one time size exchanges. Head over to our return policy page to find out more.

Why we don't offer returns ?

Well..Its an issue we don't hear much about but its estimated that 5 billion pounds of waste is generated through online returns each year ! contributing 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Much of these returns just ends up in landfills and are never actually restocked. Read more here. We didn't want to take that route and encourage a more mindful buying culture, only a conscious decision to buy when you're going to cherish it for long, especially when something like our tee is custom made for you. 

How do I return a wrong or defective order?

If your order is wrong or defective our Customer Support will gladly replace or exchange any items free of charge. Give our support team a shout at hello@causalitee.com, or simply reply to your order or shipping confirmation email, including pictures of your product and your feedback, and we'll make it right. 




Q: Will my order from online be delivered on time?  

A: We are currently operating with lesser workforce than normal. It is our aim to continue to do so whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our team. Due to the situation and the products being custom made, we're facing delays from our usual 7 day process. We're trying our best to adapt to the situation, however the slight delays in production+ delays in deliveries + Lockdown situations in many states add up sometimes to around 1-2 week additional days to produce any order.

We are highly thankful for our customers for supporting us all this while in these difficult times.

Q: Why is my delivery delayed?

A: There may be some delays to deliveries right now with different restrictions being planned on postal services and lockdown situations in certain states. People are working with lower workforces everywhere. Your nearest local post office will also be operating at reduced capacities to keep everyone safe. This results in more work for less people and hence delivery takes more time. 

Q: How will my online orders be delivered safely? 

A: Our couriers are working hard to adapt during this time. They will maintain a safe distance when delivering parcels and signing for parcels is no longer necessary. 

Q: How are you keeping your warehouse staff safe?

A: We have taken increased measures in all our warehouses to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our staff and customers, including providing all staff with hand sanitiser and soap, implementing healthy distance guidelines and enhanced cleaning routines.

Want to dive deeper? Have unanswered questions ? Write to our support team :


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