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Oversized Shirt for Women

Oversized Shirts for Women

Welcome to our online shop, where comfort meets style with our collection of oversized women's shirts, manufactured with 100% premium cotton fabric. We take pride in the latest quirky patterns yet soothing trends, and other pretty designs that will fit into any casual occasion, anytime. We assure you that our women's baggy shirts will transform you from a regular woman or girl into a casually stylish diva in a snap! Shop now from our wide range below and boost your style!

Style Your Oversized Shirt for Everyday Casual Looks

1. Pair with High Jeans

Women's baggy shirts with high jeans are a classic for a cool, easy look. You can tuck the shirt in at the front for a laid-back feel, or wear a nice broad to show off the waist. You can finish the look with booties or trainers for trendy wear.

2. Wear with Wide Pants

These days the latest style is by pairing your women's baggy shirt with high, wide-leg pants(Sweatpants). The half-tuck gives off a cool look; a neat blazer lifts the same outfit in winter. Heels or thick sandals will add an extra class.

3. Stylish Attire with Leggings

For an outfit that's both comfortable and stylish, wear your woman's oversized shirt over leggings or even leather leggings. You can belt it to show some shape if you like. Add a short jacket or cardigan for warmth and style, and round it out with ankle boots or flat shoes for stylish comfort.

4. Style with Tight Pants and a Jean Top

Mix your woman's oversized shirt with tight pants and put a jean top over it. Add a fun scarf or big necklace and shoes like sneakers or short boots are both comfortable and look cool.

5. Neat Look with Wide-Short Pants

You can also go for a neat look by wearing your oversized cotton shirt with high, short-wide pants. Simply by adding a bold belt highlights the waist, and finishing with slip-ons or sandals with straps shows off a casual style.

6. Warm-Weather Fun with Denim Shorts

Shift to sunny days by wearing your big shirt with denim shorts. Tying the front of the shirt gives it shape and fun, and adding a light cardigan or denim coat brings more options. Sandals or trainers wrap up the easy summer look.

Tips to Style Big Shirts for Women

  • Pick shirts that are a bit too big, not super big, so you don't get lost in them.
  • Mix sizes right. If you wear a big shirt, wear tight pants like skinny jeans or sweatpants to look good. If you have loose pants, wear a tight shirt so you don't look too loose all over.
  • To show some shape, wear a belt or pick shirts that you can pull tight at your waist.
  • When adding things like jewellery, make sure they don’t take away from your look or the shirt.
  • Most of all, if big clothes make you feel odd, don't wear them just because others do. There's a lot out there, find what fits your style best!

Botnia Big Shirts for Women

These ways to wear big shirts give you lots of choices for different times, like hanging out with pals, chilling out at parties, doing daily tasks, or going to special lunches or dinners. These looks can change from day to night easily by layering or using different accessories. You can wear these even while walking with your date around the city, or just relaxing on the weekend.

Why Get Big Cotton Shirts from Us?

Lift your style with women's baggy shirts from our shop, where 100% bio-washed cotton and no after-wear color-bleed, no-shrink, women oversized shirts are the right mix of style and comfort for anytime-casual wear. Enjoy our many looks, good for both easy days and fancy nights. Plus, shopping is easy with our simple online exchange rules. So come and add some big shirts to your closet for every day.