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In a world where everything is so funky and extra, Botnia believes in comfort and minimalism. While our clothes are classic, we make clothes to embrace a minimalist style. Our clothes are simple, effortless and in light of you, your style and comfort.

Our clothes at Botnia are curated to endure and made to feel comfortable in style. We are your unquestionable requirements, your closet essential. Our clothes are made remembering the preferences and style of every casual lover. We handpick our fabrics to make the best of pieces that you can love for a lifetime. In particular, we make clothes that make you look and feel better.

We intend to make fashion cost-effective. Thus, we bring to you the best of minimal fashion wear regards to the cost with Botnia that praises you in your personality.


We are conscious about comfort in style as much as we are about our quality. Botnia is the staple that your closet needs. We curate our clothes to be loved by everyone and to feel relaxed. Minimal clothing is the new black! Not feeling like dressing up extra for a day out? Pair our tee with a pair of jeans or skirt or trousers and you’re good to go! We as a clothing brand not only lift your fashion quotient in minimalistic style but also reduce your stress about what to wear on a casual chilling session with friends or an evening walk date and many occasions like that. Be a part of botnia community to indulge into minimal fashion in comfort.


Legal name- IBIZA STUDIO

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