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Your Guide to Short Sleeved T-shirts

Short sleeved t-shirts are mostly a man's staple every summer. Besides wearing cotton and linen shirts during office hours, the comfort quotient of a man is significant from his collection of short sleeved t-shirts. In summers, comfort becomes the king and style takes a back seat. But there are ways in which you can not just feel comfortable but also look stylish at the same time. To ace a stylish-yet-comfortable look, we have got you covered on the ultimate guide to short sleeved t-shirts.

T-shirts are an obvious part of a man's wardrobe and his go-to option outside office. Yet, you might think t-shirts make you look too basic and casual for any occasion. Well, it's not true! Look around yourself, there is so much to a t-shirt other than its basic appearance. Recently, t-shirts of different shapes, sizes and designs have started trending among men and women.

The tradition of wearing tshirts among men has been around for almost 100 years. From wearing it as an innerwear to becoming an everyday outerwear, t-shirts have gone through significant transformations year after year to be an integral part of a men's wardrobe.

Just like human beings can't refrain from drinking water ever, a man can never get bored of wearing t-shirts. They are timeless! Pair a t-shirt with different bottom-wears, like trousers, denims or capris; a t-shirt can be styled with everything and fix your classy to beachy look.

With a similar feeling at the core, short sleeved t-shirts come in different types and styles to complement each man's personality. All you need is to know which one can make you stand out in a crowd. We have got you covered on the different types of t-shirts and how to style them.


The most common type of t-shirts are the one with a circular neckline, also known as crew neck. The fact that such crew neck t-shirts are universally worn by majority men makes this t-shirt type a classic style. Being comfortable and fashionable, crew neck t-shirts fit the best for the man with a long, chiseled face and slightly slopey shoulders.


If your body matches these characteristics, crewneck t-shirts must be a part of your next shopping list. You can also pair the t-shirt with formal trousers or a pair of denims; plain or ripped.


T-shirts with a V shaped neckline are not very rare but more like a daring pick for men. V-neck tshirts have a more revealing design, as in they are not as narrow as crewneck tshirts. A broader V-neck might show your collar bones and a bit of your chest, so such tshirts are well recommended for men with broad shoulders, bigger chest and a preferably, round face. V-neck tshirts also go well with any kind of trousers and denims and makes your body look well-toned, enhancing your silhouette.

Cap sleeved

Are you the gym guy? If you have big biceps that you like showing off to people, then cap sleeved t-shirts are what your wardrobe needs. These t-shirts often come with a narrow round neck with their sleeves ending right below the shoulders. Apparently, it shows the entire length of your arms. It is best suitable for the ones with V-shaped body type with well-built biceps and triceps.


A recent trend that is highly in fashion, oversized t-shirts are the most in demand among both, men and women. Unlike tight-fitted formal outfits, oversized t-shirts are significantly a street style inspiration. In many cases, celebrities have been caught on camera catching a flight or moving out of their homes wearing just oversized t-shirts and shorts with a pair of sneakers. Men with broad shoulders are likely to look great in oversized t-shirts. But honestly, if you have medium sized shoulders, you can still try them on as there is no rule for acing the street fashion. It sets a true example of comfort and fashion going hand in hand.


Henleys are those t-shirts that have a Y-shaped neckline with few buttons below the neckline. Combined with long and short sleeves, Hanley t-shirt style is also most likely to support your formal outfit. Inspired from a traditional uniform of rowers from Hanley-on-Thames, this t-shirt can be your secret to a slim and toned body.

Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts are a product of technological innovations and are available for people of every gender and age limit in several shapes, designs and sizes. From crewneck to oversized t-shirts, designers are playing with graphics in all kinds of t-sirts, from minimal designs with alphabets and numbers to complex graphical art. Since we deal with amazing graphic t-shirts for men and women, Botnia can be your favorite halt to buy amazing graphic tees to rock your summer casual outfits.


If t-shirts are what you keep looking for all round the year, than this is your stop to know the best about wearing t-shirts. Also, Botnia has a huge range of t-shirts, from classy solids to supercool graphic tees, to fulfill all your wardrobe requirements. Head out to the website of Botnia and choose the best summer wear in solids as well as with graphic prints. Contact us on +91 9540557885 for further queries.